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Most non-profit organizations overpay on postage for their mailings.

Call us today for a free quick analysis of your postage costs!

We offer a wide range of affordable mailing services to reduce your work and save you money on postage as well. Our services can be ordered a-la-carte so that you get just the help you need when you need it.

Here are just some of the time-saving and money-saving services we offer:

  • Inserting envelopes into newsletters
  • Tabbing/Sealing
  • CASS Certification of mailing list
  • Standardizing addresses
  • Inkjet addressing
  • Automation compatibility
  • Applying stamps
  • Sorting
  • Delivery to the Post Office or shipping to you for entry into your Post Office

Call us to discuss how we can save you both time and money on your next mailing!


Whether you are sending mailings from your center, using a local mail house, or doing a mailing with us, its likely we can lower your cost of mailing. Call us for a free 5-minute postage cost analysis and let's find out how much we can save for you.

Step 1: Lettershop – Assembling the mail pieces. 
This includes:

  • Inserting
  • Sealing or tabbing
  • Applying stamps (if necessary)

Step 2: Mail Processing – Process the mailing list. 
This includes:

  • Mailing List Processing
    • CASS Processing
    • Address Standardization
    • DPV processing
    • Automation Barcoding
    • Sorting
  • Preparation of Mail Entry Paperwork
  • Addressing (either inkjet addressing or address labels)
  • Dividing the mailing into mail trays

Step 3: Mail Entry – Get the mailing to the post office

  • Review and Sign the Mail Entry Paperwork
  • Presenting the mailing along with payment for the postage to the Bulk Mail Entry Unit
    at the Post Office


The prices for Lettershop processing can vary greatly.  We have found it useful to talk with you before giving you a price quote to be sure that we are getting you the best price that we can.  Please feel free to call us at 888-812-5433 to get a quote based on your project.

For the Mailing List Processing and Mail Entry steps we put together 3 mail package options for your convenience.

Mail package #1 (take advantage of the best discounts while doing some of the work yourself):

  • Mailing List Processing
  • Preparation of Mail Entry Paperwork
  • Bar-coded address labels supplied
  • Shipping the mailing (or just the labels and paperwork for the mailing) to you

PRICE: 3.8¢ per piece +$35 set-up fee + shipping & handling

Mail package #2 (enter the mailing into your local post office for faster delivery):

  • Mailing List Processing
  • Addressing
  • Dividing the mailing into trays
  • Shipping the mailing to you

PRICE: 5.1¢ per piece + $35 set-up fee + shipping & handling

Mail package #3 (full service mailing):

  • Mailing List Processing
  • Addressing
  • Dividing the mailing into trays
  • Reviewing and signing the Mail Entry Paperwork
  • Presenting the mailing to the Post Office

PRICE: 5.1¢ per piece + $35 set-up fee

  • Direct Mail
  • Mailing Services
  • Addressing
  • Copy Writing
  • List Services
  • List Rentals
  • Address Standardization
  • NCOA Processing
  • Lettershop
    • Folding
    • Collating
    • Tabbing
    • Inserting
    • Sealing
    • Apply Postage
  • Printing
  • Annual Reports
  • Booklets
  • Bookmarks
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Business Forms
  • Calendars
  • Catalogs
  • CD Covers
  • CD Inlays
  • Church Bulletins
  • Direct Mail Packages
  • Envelopes
  • Labels
  • Letterhead
  • Multi-Page Booklets-
    Thank You Cards-
    Presentation Folders
  • Newsletters
  • Notecards
  • Note Pads
  • Postcards
  • Stickers