Your donors are one of your organization's most valuable assets.

Donors are the lifeblood of every nonprofit organization. In any economic environment, it is always more cost-effective to retain existing donors than acquire new ones. In tough economic climates, it is difficult to find new donors. Protecting the trust they place in your organization – and letting them know you are protecting and care about them – is a part any good retention strategy.

Fact is, identity theft and fraud are too big of problems to ignore when it comes to protecting your donors' financial and personal information...

Identity Theft is the #1 crime in America.

Identity theft and credit card fraud are running rampant in our society. They are at an all-time high and expected to continue growing.

Identity Theft STATISTICS

You have an obligation to take reasonable steps to protect your donors' personal and financial information.

One of the most basic obligations you have to your donors is to protect the personal information they entrust to you. Because donor/nonprofit relationships are built on trust, it’s important for nonprofits to preserve donor trust by doing everything reasonable to protect that information. This is especially true given the epidemic of identity theft and fraud in America today. Not only is it an obligation you accept when you accept gifts from donors, it is also an opportunity to proactively let donors know your organization is trustworthy and cares about them. LifeGuard envelopes are a reasonable and affordable solution to protect your donors.

Most remit envelopes expose important donor information.

Unfortunately, most remit envelopes being used today openly and easily expose critical donor data. Simply pucker the top and bottom of a standard remit envelope, and credit card information is exposed to the naked eye. Hold up most return envelopes to a 60-watt light bulb and all information is easily exposed. If your envelope does not pass these simple tests, your envelopes do not adequately protect your donors' information.

For about the same price as you are paying now, LifeGuard Envelopes™ are your best envelope security solution.

The great news is LifeGuard envelopes are very affordable. Our prices are typically very competitive with what most nonprofits are paying for regular return and remit envelopes that do not have the patented security and design features of LifeGuard envelopes.

"I received your envelope....I really love it!" I did the light test...nope...cannot see a thing through your security envelopes.  Funny I just received in the mail today a notice from our attorney’s office cautioning us regarding fraud. are right on again!"

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Let donors know that you are taking proactive steps to protect them and the information they entrust to you.

Use this blurb as is, or modify it to let donors know that you are taking proactive steps to protect them from identity theft. You may also want to include additional information about how their credit card or EFT transactions are protected.


Protecting Donor information is our #1 priority. We value your support and are proactively taking steps to protect your information every time you give. In this issue, you'll notice a new security envelope designed to protect your information. Thank you for your support!