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Job #1: Protect Your Donors' Data


The design features of LifeGuard™ envelopes make all the difference in providing a more secure way for donors to give to your ministry. LifeGuard™ envelopes are your best value choice, your best security choice, your best innovation choice, and your best quality choice. And since LifeGuard™ envelopes are affordably priced, now is the time to make the switch to a better security solution.

  • Security Print Inside Prevents See-Thru
  • Built-in Response Device
  • Perforated Response Form Inserts
    in Sealed Security Envelope
  • Meets All Postal Standards
  • Imprinted To Your Specific Needs

7 Reasons LifeGuard Envelopes Are Better

Protect Your Donors. The problem of identity theft is too big to ignore, and protecting donors’ confidential information is simply not optional. Let us help you proactively respond to this epidemic now.

Remove Giving Barriers. LifeGuard™ envelopes remove the “fear-factor” that may cause a donor to question the wisdom of giving in an unsecure envelope.

Communicate to your donors that you value them. Taking pro-active measures says that you are thinking about your donors—and taking steps to prottect them from harm. It also sets your organization apart from others that are actively soliciting their donations.

Increase Giving. Our envelopes were designed with more than just security in mind. Get more donations with a better “ask” than traditional envelopes.

Help protect the reputation of your organization. The last thing you need is to lose a valuable donor–and your organization’s reputation--because you didn’t take simple steps to protect their confidential information.

Choose the size and style that best fits your unique needs.
Choose from a variety of sizes and styles available, including: 6-3/4 remit envelope . 6-3/4 regular envelope . #9 remit envelope . #9 regular envelope

Value priced. With great pricing and superior design, LifeGuard™ envelopes are the best value on the market. Call us for a free quote.

Take the 2-Step Security Test!

Does your envelope pass the test for protecting your donors personal and financial information?

To determine whether your envelopes are safe and if LifeGuard!" envelopes are a smart choice
for you, take these two simple tests and decide for yourself!"

The Pucker Test

Hold a remit envelope on the top and bottom edges and push slightly toward the middle. Does your envelope open to expose important client information?

If you answered YES, anyone could easily capture your donors  personal and financial information without even opening the envelope! This type of envelope is risky for you and your donors.
All LifeGuard!" envelopes seal all of your donors  information within a security envelope to protect donor data until opened by you.

The Bulb Test

Hold your envelope up to a 60-watt light bulb. Can you read important information through the envelope?

If you answered YES to this question, your donors  information is not protected even though the information is in a sealed envelope.
All LifeGuard!" envelopes have a security screen inside the envelope to help protect your donors  data from being stolen through this simple trick  used by identity thieves.

If your envelope failed either of these tests, LifeGuard!" envelopes are your solution to provide the most basic care for donors protecting the personal and confidential data they entrust to you when they give.


Do you send a proof for my envelope?

How long does the proofing process take?

How are my envelopes shipped?

Can you print on both sides of standard regular envelopes?

How long does it typically take to receive my order?

Do you accept artwork with bleeds?


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Download this executive summary for your organization’s leadership to help them understand the need for switching over to LifeGuard™ envelopes. To help the decision-making process, get a free quote. LifeGuard™ envelopes are the best value on the market.


  • Your donors are one of your organization’s most valuable assets.
  • Identity Theft is the #1 crime in America.
  • You have an obligation to take reasonable steps to protect your donors’ personal and financial information.
  • Most remit envelopes expose important donor information.
  • For about the same price as you are paying now, LifeGuard envelopes are your best envelope security solution.

Your donors are one of your organization’s most valuable assets.

Donors are the lifeblood of every nonprofit organization. In any economic environment, it is always more cost-effective to retain existing donors than acquire new ones. In tough economic climates, it is difficult to find new donors. Protecting the trust they place in your organization—and letting them know you are protecting and care about them—is a part any good retention strategy.

Fact is, identity theft and fraud are too big of problems to ignore when it comes to protecting your donors’ financial and personal information…

Identity Theft is the #1 crime in America.

Identity theft and credit card fraud are running rampant in our society. They are at an all-time high and expected to continue growing.

Identity Theft STATISTICS

  • Identity theft is the #1 crime in America
  • ID Theft grew by 22% in 2008
  • Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America
  • ID Theft affects 1 in 23 adults in the U.S.

You have an obligation to take reasonable steps to protect your donors’ personal and financial information. One of the most basic obligations you have to your donors is to protect the personal information they entrust to you. Because donor/nonprofit relationships are built on trust, it’s important for nonprofits to preserve donor trust by doing everything reasonable to protect that information. This is especially true given the epidemic of identity theft and fraud in America today. Not only is it an obligation you accept when you accept gifts from donors, it is also an opportunity to proactively let donors know your organization is trustworthy and cares about them. LifeGuard envelopes are a reasonable and affordable solution to protect your donors.

Most remit envelopes expose important donor information.

Unfortunately, most remit envelopes being used today openly and easily expose critical donor data. Simply pucker the top and bottom of a standard remit envelope, and credit card information is exposed to the naked eye. Hold up most return envelopes to a 60-watt light bulb and all information is easily exposed. If your envelope does not pass these simple tests, your envelopes do not adequately protect your donors’ information.

For about the same price as you are paying now, LifeGuard envelopes are your best envelope security solution. The great news is LifeGuard envelopes are very affordable. Our prices are typically very competitive with what most nonprofits are paying for regular return and remit envelopes that do not have the patented security and design features of LifeGuard envelopes.

“I received your envelope....I really love it!  I did the light test...nope...cannot see a thing through your security envelopes.  Funny I just received in the mail today a notice from our attorney's office cautioning us regarding fraud.  Interesting...you are right on again!”

Let donors know that you are taking proactive steps to protect them and the information they entrust to you.

Use this blurb as is, or modify it to let donors know that you are taking proactive steps to protect them from identity theft. You may also want to include additional information about how their credit card or EFT transactions are protected.


Protecting Donor information is our #1 priority. We value your support and are proactively taking steps to protect your information every time you give. In this issue, you’ll notice a new security envelope designed to protect your information. Thank you for your support!

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