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Increase Banquet Income

by presenting your center and message in a more professional way. LifeSupport® offers 3 different series of banquet packages so you can choose which best fits your center. Choose from: Maximum Impact Value Series Custom Design

Maximum Impact Series

Use one of our affordable high-quality themed designs from our Maximum Impact Series to get the most out of your banquet opportunity.  Get professionally designed banquet theme resources at an affordable price. Order in just the quantities you need. Plus, each theme comes with an optional high-impact stage display that you can rent for just $295—and it comes with an UNCONDITIONAL satisfaction guarantee.

  • Larger size fits A7 envelopes when folded.
  • Actual Card size: 11” x 7.5” flat, folds to 5.5" x 7.5"
  • Full Color printing on the outside and inside of card.
  • Dozens of professionally designed themes to choose from.
  • Coordinating 8’ x 8’ Stage Display Available for all Maximum Impact Themes.

Value Series

Get LifeSupport’s high-quality, professionally designed banquet resources at the lowest pricing available. Pick your design. Give us your theme. Keep more of your money.

  • Lowest cost banquet package available.
  • Card fits A6 envelope when folded.
  • Full Color on outside, black imprint on inside.
  • Pick a design, and we’ll add your banquet theme.

Custom Design

  • Give us your theme idea, and for a modest design fee we’ll put our professional design
    team to work. We’ll work with you to give you a powerful design based on your theme.
  • Larger size card fits A7 envelopes when folded.
  • Actual Card size: 11” x 7.5” flat, folds to 5.5" x 7.5"
  • Flexible options to help you stay within your budget.

Banquet Pricing - Available Resources

Invitation Packs

InvitationPacks Promote your banquet with these resources

Each InvitationPack includes:
  • Invitation & Envelope
  • R.S.V.P. Card & Envelope
  • Ticket or Confirmation Card
Maximum Impact Series Invitation Packs
250: $595 300: $655 350: $715 400: $785
450: $875 500: $985 750: $1060 1000: $1285
1500: $1685  2000: $2055

Value Series Invitation Packs
150: $398 200: $423 250: $457 300: $496
350: $505 400: $538 450: $581 500: $624
Call for pricing over 500.
TOLL-FREE 1.888.812.5433
Invitation Pack Sizes
Also Available:
  • Save-the-date Postcards
  • Confirmation Reminder Cards
  • Banquet Letterhead/Envelopes
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Program Packs

ProgramPacks Essentials for the evening of your banquet.

Each ProgramPack includes:
  • Program (8.5 x 11) Full Color front and back. BW inside.
  • Response Certificates/envelopes

Program Upgrade Option:  Share more of your story, and acknowledge banquet underwriters and tables hosts by adding additional pages to your program. We’ll print and stitch an additional 8.5 x 11 BW page, giving you four additional 5.5 x 8.5 pages for your program, for an additional 21¢ each.
Add a monthly giving ask at your banquet and increase your banquet revenue..

ProgramPacks Banquets
100: $203 150: $248 200: $284
250: $351 300: $365 350: $372
400: $425 450: $459 500: $502
Also Available:
  • Table Markers
  • Monthly Giving Response Certificates
  • Podium Sign
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Monthly Giving Response Certificates

Monthly Giving Response Certificates Add a "monthly giving ask" at your banquet.

Choose from these two certificates. Standard Monthly/ 100/$19.50
Recurring Giving Certificates
Friends For Life Giving Certificates 100/$19.50
Friends for Life Campaign 36/$45
Premium Bistro Mugs
Sample Friends For Life Bistro Mug $8.95
(including shipping)
Also available:
  • Friends For Life Campaign Mugs.

Grow your monthly giving program with these low-cost mugs.
Buy enough for 3 per table.

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Podium Sign

Podium Sign 11x17 Theme Sign for the front of your Podium. Promote your event, not the hotel it is at by using this prime location more effectively. Order additional signs to post in the lobby or doors of the event facility. Or, call us for options for your center’s logo on a reusable sign.

$1.85 each
Customization: +$20
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Promo Posters & Flyers/Bulletin Inserts

Promotional Posters & Flyers/Bulletin Inserts Use these resources to promote your banquet to large groups or in places of business around your community. The posters are 11" x 17", the Flyers/Bulletin Inserts are 8.5" x 5.5". All of them have the banquet theme along with the specifics for your banquet on them.

Posters: $1.85 each
Customization: +$20
Flyers/Bulletin Inserts: $15 per hundred
Customization: +$20
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Underwriting Appeal

Underwriting Appeal Send this appeal to current donors and supportive businesses asking them to consider sponsoring a table or underwriting your banquet. This appeal includes a 2-sided letter on themed letterhead, a response card, a response envelope and a #10 envelope.

Underwriting Appeal
1-1000: 53¢ each plus $135 set up.
1,000-3,000: 47¢ each plus $135 set up.
3,001-5,000: 39¢ each plus $135 set up.
Call for pricing over 5,000.
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Save-the-Date Postcards

Save-the-Date Postcards Mail these postcards to your donors, volunteers, supporting churches, and supporting businesses to give them an early announcement of the date and specifics or your banquet.

Save-the-Date Postcards
4.25 x 5.5 Postcards
250: $95 500: $135 700: $215
1000: $255 1500: $360 2000: $485
2500: $575 3000: $695 5000: $985
Call for pricing on 5.5 x 8.5 postcards
TOLL-FREE 1.888.812.5433
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Banquet Letterhead

Banquet Letterhead Use this letterhead for any correspondence with the banquet as the subject.  You can include a letter in the Table SponsorPacks, write a letter to each staff member or board member, or write a letter to all of the pastors in your community…

Letterhead 100: $29 250: $57 1000: $171
#10 Envelopes 100: $27 250: $53 1000: $158
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Confirmation Reminder Cards

Confirmation Reminder Cards Reduce the number of “no-shows” at your banquet by mailing confirmation cards to guests prior to banquet to remind them of your upcoming banquet and that they have seats confirmed. Confirmation Reminder Cards include envelopes.

Confirmation Reminder Cards 100: $23
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Table Markers

Table Markers These themed 5.5” x 4.125” table markers have your theme on the front, and room to place table numbers and the names of your table sponsor or host on the back.

Table Markers 10: $7
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Theme Name Badges

Theme Name Badges Our Name badges all have the theme printed on them.

Pin-on Name Badges: Size: 3-1/3” x 4”
8.5x11 sheets that can run through most printers.
100: $34
One is a 2-1/3 x 3-3/8 peel-and-stick name badge and the other is a 3-1/3 x 4 card stock badge that comes with a pin-on plastic holder.
Peel & Stick Name Badges: Size: 2-1/3” x 3-3/8”
Sheets: Comes in 8.5” x 11” sheets that can run through most printers.
160: $37.45
Individual Name Badges: Write-On only
160: $25.95
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Banquet Take-aways

Banquet Take-aways Give your banquet attendees something to re-enforce the message of your banquet or to remind them of your center’s ministry. There are hundreds of possibilities for Banquet Take-aways, and they can be imprinted with the theme of the banquet or with your logo. Bookmarks, Mugs, and Magnets are just a few of the options available. Please call and let us work with you to find the right take-away at the right price!

Banquet Take-aways
Bookmark Pricing:
100: $27 200: $54 300: $81 400: $108
500: $135 600: $162 700: $189 800: $216
Customization: +$25
Magnet Pricing: 1,000: $297
Please call for prices on other take-aways
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Thank You Cards

Thank You Cards Use these cards with the theme of your banquet to show gratitude to underwriters, table hosts, clients who gave their testimony, speakers, musicians, location coordinators, banquet committee members, people who gave donations or pledged their monthly support … anyone who helped make your banquet a success.

Thank You Cards
25: $16.95 50: $33.90 75: $50.85 100: $67.80
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Follow-up Banquet Mailing

Follow-up Banquet Mailing Extend the impact of your banquet event by sending a follow-up mailing using these two strategies:
Mail a follow-up mailing to attendees.
Thank attendees for attending your banquet, and give them another opportunity to give. You’ll remind them of the highlights of your time together, give a report on giving, and give them a reminder of the giving opportunity presented at the banquet.
Mail a banquet follow-up letter to your complete donor or prospect list.
Since most of your donors didn’t attend your banquet, use this “report” of the evening to share the highlights of what they missed. Plus, you’ll share the invitation or challenge that was given at the banquet and give them an opportunity to respond.

The follow-up mailing consists of a 2-sided letter from the director of your center, a response card and return envelope and a #10 envelope.

Follow-up Banquet Mailing
1-1000: 53¢ each plus $135 set up.
1,000-3,000: 47¢ each plus $135 set up.
3,001-5,000: 39¢ each plus $135 set up.
Call for pricing over 5,000.
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Mail Processing

Mail Processing We offer affordable mail services.
Please call us for a free quote at 888-812-5433.

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Invitation Packs:

Maximum Impact:
Confirmation Card or Ticket

Value Series:
Confirmation Card or Ticket

Promo Posters/Bulletin Inserts:

Promo Posters:
Quantity Custom

Flyers/Bulletin Inserts:
Quantity Custom

Confirmation Reminder Cards:

100 Reminder Cards: $23 total

Banquet Take-aways:

Magnets: 1,000: $297

Program Packs:

Program Packs:

Underwriting Appeal:

Underwriting Appeal: + plus $135 set up.

Theme Name Badges:

Pin-on Name Badges: 100: $34
Peel and Stick Name Badges: 160: $37.45
Individual Name Badges: 160: $25.95

Mail Processing:

Add Mail Processing: Yes
Standard Monthly/Recurring Giving Certificates: 100/$19.50
Friends For Life Giving Certificates: 100/$19.50
Friends for Life Campaign Premium Bistro Mugs:36/$45
Sample Friends For Life Bistro Mug: $8.95

Save-the-Date Postcards:

4.25 x 5.5 Postcards:
5.5 x 8.5 postcards: Quantity

Table Markers:

10 Table Markers: $7 total

Follow-up Banquet Mailing:

Follow-up Banquet Mailing: + plus $135 set up.

Podium Sign:

Podium Sign: Quantity: Custom

Banquet Letterhead:

#10 Envelopes:

Thank You Cards:

Thank You Cards:
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